Why Homeowners Should Leave Roofing Issues to the Professionals

Roof Repair Advice for Homeowners

Roofing contractor repairs a shingle roofProblems that are connected with a roof which is not properly designed is not a good choice for DIY roof repair. Should you just repair your roof, and not the design problem, your problem will come back time after time. Common design issues range from support structures which are not strong enough to support roofs weight, a roof that does not have enough slope, not enough drains, which in turn will permit water to sit on your roof, and no thought for the expansion and contraction of your roof’s decking structure. All of the above will eventually lead to your roofing materials separating.

No matter what is causing your roofing problems, the method will remain the same. You will have to remove the shingles from the damaged area. Once this is done you will be able to better see how extensive the damage is beneath. The deck, or support, will usually be covered with roofing felt. Should your roof have damage to its shingles, then simply replace the damaged shingles. However, should the damage be too severe, and you have water coming into your home, you need to remove the felt and repair the decking structure below.

If you are unable to find a damaged area and still have water coming into your home, take a closer look around your flashing. This is a waterproof joint, generally found around areas that have a change in elevation. This is a common weak point with roofs. Even when flashing is correctly installed, water will still find a way to seep into your home.

The most important thing to bear in mind when performing roof repair is simple. No matter how severe your leak is, you must wait until bad weather abates, before you try any repairs. Should your roofing problem be beyond your scope of expertise, then call in a professional roofer for help.

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