The Importance of Proper Ventilation of Your Attic

Information Offered by a Reputable Roofing Company

roofers installing a new roofProper ventilation of your attic has multiple benefits for both your and your roof’s health. A properly ventilated attic will extend the life of your shingles by keeping them cool in the hot season and dry in the cold season. Additionally, a proper ventilated attic will prevent moisture problems which can cause serious issues to your home and your family. As reputable roofing service providers, we’ve seen numerous cases of improperly ventilated attics, and we can assure you that they are not cheap to fix.

How Air Vents Help Your Attic Breath
Just like humans, attics need to breathe as well. In other words, they require fresh air to stay healthy. This can be easily done by installing air vents. There are two types of air vents: intakes and outlets. The intake vents are always placed at a lower level than the outlets. Hot air escapes through the outlet vents, creating a vacuum that absorbs fresh air through the intake vents. This constant flow of air allows your attic to breathe and stay dry.

Determine How Much Ventilation Your Attic Needs

It is important to mention that too much ventilation is as good as no ventilation. In other words, you must determine the exact amount of ventilation your attic needs in order to stay healthy and energy efficient. Determining the placement and size of the vents often depends on the roof configuration and the size of the attic. You should hire a professional roofing company for this task.

How to Determine If You Have Venting Problems
There are a few common signs that can indicate a poor ventilated attic.

  • Frost on the on the underside of the roof or on the rafters
  • Mold growth
  • Water-stained wood
  • Rusted nails

If you notice any of these sign, then call for a professional roofing service immediately. Sunridge Roofing Inc is located in Phoenix, AZ and offers professional services at fair rates. For the best roofer in the area, call (623) 566-4004.