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Advice from a Reputable Roofing Contractor on De-Icing a Roof

As any reputable roofing company will tell you, roof de-icing methods fall into two categories, preventative measures to stop snow and ice building up, and the removal of snow and ice after it has fallen. However, the best tip for roof de-icing is to stop snow and ice building up by putting in de-icing coils or wires. But, should this not be an option, there are several other ways to safely remove snow and ice after it falls on a roof, this includes shovelling and spreading on a de-icer.

Preventative roof de-icing involves putting in heating elements on a roof in a warm season. Several of these de-icing systems are available, however, many employ the same methods to keep snow and ice from forming and becoming an inconvenience or even dangerous. Cables or wires are laid either underneath or on top of the roof shingles. Low-voltages of electricity go through these; this usually generates enough heat to melt any ice without damage being done to the roof’s surface.

Heated cables are a great advantage and do save time and energy in the snowy season. They are however, a significant investment at the time. These are more expensive than other de-icing methods, but will be worth the money to residents living in climates that have large amounts of snow and cold weather.

De-icing any roof that does not have any type of heating system will require a lot more physical work. It is possible to use a shovel to get snow off a roof, but caution should be observed when doing this. A roof with a steep pitch is not recommended to do the shovel method on, flat surfaces that permit sure footing and minimal risk are the only roofs that can be safely shovelled. Also aggressive shovelling could cause damage, so it is important to shovel in the direction the roofing material runs. However, if you don’t feel confident enough to climb onto your roof, it is recommended you call in a roofing contractor for help and advice.

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