Spring Cleaning and Maintenance

Part 1: Roofing contractor tips on cleaning

Maintaining the good condition of your roof is important. It helps to ensure that it will last for many years. A good way to maintaining the integrity of the system, especially of the shingles is to perform a spring clean. Listed below are some tips provided by a professional roofing contractor.

Trim trees
One of the tasks you can perform as part of spring cleaning is to trim trees which grow close to the roof. This helps to prevent branches from scraping the shingles and removing the protective layer. Which in turn will prolong their lifespan.

Remove mold
Another task which is important to perform is removing discolored streaks from the roof. This indicates the presence of mold. To get rid of these streaks you should spray them with chlorine bleach or copper sulfate using a garden spray. Do not power wash the shingles.

Spring cleaning should be performed on not just the interior of the property. It should also be done on the roof as well. This includes removing mold and trimming trees. In the next part maintenance tips will be provided by a professional roofing contractor such as Sunridge Roofing Inc in Phoenix, AZ.